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Founders' Statement

About Us

Ecyclex was established in UAE in 2012 with the focus on recycling Waste Electronics and Electronics Equipment (WEEE) or commonly known as e-waste, after having two decades of experience in metals, non-metals, and electronics.


Our vision at Ecyclex is to become the region's most trusted brand in ethical and responsible recycling and to provide customized and comprehensive recycling solutions in the UAE and the region for materials that are difficult to recycle. This gives us a key role in the circular economy chain. Ecyclex maximizes reuse and recycling, which creates circularity and reduces waste. Moreover, we always strive to help in waste minimization by supporting recycling initiatives whenever requested, and by welcoming individuals to drop their recyclable material at our facilities.


Our values are to maintain integrity, reliability, and transparency, and to seek continuous improvement and mutual benefit with all stakeholders such as local authorities and municipalities, business clients, and strategic partners.


With care for the environment and sustainability integrated deeply in our values, we continuously look for innovation to fill the gaps and respond to market’s needs.


In 2021, we launched ReLoop app in order to expand our service to consumer sector and with our CSR partners we play an important role in spreading awareness and educating individuals.

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